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Contributed by Leanne Guenther

Saskatchewan mapSaskatchewan is the middle "prairie province".  Regina is the capital city, which also happens to be where I was born.

Saskatchewan became a province of Canada on September 1, 1905.

Check out our photo tour of Saskatchewan if you'd like to see more of the scenery of the province.

You can find out a lot of interesting information about the province at


grain elevators

© Leanne Guenther
Grain elevator in Tessier, Saskatchewan

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Saskatchewan flagThe Provincial Flag

The Saskatchewan provincial flag was adopted on Sept. 22, 1969.  The green represents the provinces northern forests and the yellow or gold it's wheat fields.  The provincial flower is prominently displayed.

Saskatchewan flowerThe Provincial Flower

The western red lily (also known as the prairie lily) was declared Saskatchewan's provincial flower on April 8, 1941.  It is very rare and is protected (I was born in Saskatchewan, living there for 20 years and only saw one once).

Saskatchewan birdThe Provincial Bird

The sharp-tailed grouse was adopted as Saskatchewan's provincial bird on June 29, 1988.

The grouse is often called a 'prairie chicken' by people in the province (even within official documents).  That's certainly what we call them when we watch the dog chase them around on grandma and grandpa's farm.  However, this is not technically correct -- the birds are actually sharp-tailed grouse.

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Saskatchewan's Provincial Animal - On-Line Activity:  
White-tailed Deer Jigsaw Puzzle


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