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The Story of Billy Bunny...

Thanks to Keren for sharing her picture and story.

Bought a Swan plant yesterday from our local garden centre in New Zealand...  The kids were very excited as it had a little caterpillar on it, (David nearly 6 and Kayleigh nearly 4), wouldn't let me leave the garden centre without this plant as they feared something might happen to the caterpillar....  Now named "Billy Bunny" by this time (Kayliegh named him), so on route home in the car they kept telling me to slow down as they were frightened he might fall off....  However safely home within a few hours, Billy Bunny had changed into a Pupa....  So I went to the internet and searched on Monarch Butterfly finding your site to be the first one....  When I noticed that you only had a drawing of the Pupa I thought this might be an opportunity to help you update your site with the following pictures...  I will endeavour to try to remember to take more throughout this stage and if you're interested I can email them to you....

Best regards and thanks for the information as it been fascinating reading about the butterfly so my kids have learnt a little more today....




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