About Us!

Welcome to the land of goofy hats and happy kids.

We're your typical North American family of four (mommy's always the one snapping the photos so you don't get to see me).

I've been putting together family friendly websites for awhile now.  One day, Tasha (the smiley one on the left) asked very politely (always a good sign) if she could help. 

I did her one better and let her start her own site!  This is it.  She still gets a lot of help from mom and dad on the site, but she's definitely the producer.  As she gets older, she also does a lot more of the work on her own.

I hope you enjoy using these webpages as much as we enjoyed making them!

Update!  Well...  Years pass and children grow (even faster than websites do *grin*).  The little one blowing out the candles is now older than the smiley one on the left was when the photo was taken ... where does the time go? 

Tasha (now 20) is off at university studying to be a teacher but Kaitlyn (now 17) has happily taken over the role of helping mom.