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Alberta Scenery Photo Tour - Fun with the Kids

Photo:  Mountain Fun -- Winter and Summer

hiking in the mountains skating

© Darren Guenther, used with permission

So...  What do kids in Alberta, Canada do for fun you ask?   Likely a lot of the same things you do at your home.  My girls enjoy sports (volleyball and soccer are their favorites).  Skiing and skating in the winter and, of course, hanging out with their friends!

soccer soccer
© Darren Guenther, used with permission

Soccer is fun, except when the weather stops cooperating!


hockey game!
© Darren Guenther, used with permission

And last, but certainly not least -- we watch a lot of hockey with dad!  We usually go to watch the Calgary Flames play at the Saddledome but we even got to go to the men's gold medal game at the Vancouver Olympics.

Hockey is Canada's official national winter sport.  Lacrosse is the official national summer sport.



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