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Manitoba Scenery Photo Tour
Manitoba Flag and Coat of Arms

source wikipedia - photo by Makaristos 

Photo:  Manitoba's Provincial Flag

This photo shows the provincial flag of Manitoba.  

The Manitoba provincial flag was adopted on May 12, 1966.  The flag depicts the Union Jack and Manitoba Provincial Shield on a red background.  The main symbol of the shield is the bison.  

Manitoba flag worksheet

source:  wikipedia   

Photo:  Manitoba Coat of Arms

The original coat of arms of Manitoba was granted to Manitoba by a Royal Warrant of King Edward VII on 10 May 1905.

The Crest:  The helmet above the shield is gold and faces left, a symbol of Manitoba's co-sovereign status in Confederation.  The mantling is in Canada's national colours.  The crest is a beaver, Canada's national animal, holding a prairie crocus, Manitoba's provincial flower.  The crest is surmounted by a crown, representing royal sovereignty.

The Compartment or Base:  represents a diverse landscape of waters, wheat, forests and prairie crocus, Manitoba's provincial flower.

The Supporters:  are a unicorn and a white horse.  The unicorn, which also supports the Arms of Britain and Scotland, represents Manitoba's British heritage.  The horse represents the vital role horses played in Manitoba's early settlement.  Collars of Aboriginal bead and bonework are decorated with maple leaves and Red River Cart wheels.

The Motto:  is Gloriosus et Liber, "glorious and free," a line taken from the English lyrics to the Canadian national anthem "O Canada".

Photo:  Manitoba Shield of Arms - Centennial Flame

On the white chief (top portion) is the red Cross of Saint George, a symbol of England.

The buffalo is a symbolic reminder of the various buffalo that formerly roamed the province.

  Photo by Leanne Guenther



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