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Saskatchewan Scenery Photo Tour

Photo:  Canola field being harvested

photo by Leanne Guenther
© Leanne Guenther, used with permission

My husband and I were both born and raised in Saskatchewan.  Our daughter Tasha was also born there (though we live in Alberta now).  We both come from farming families (just about everyone in Saskatchewan has at least a few people in the family who farm).

Grain farming is the dominant industry in Saskatchewan -- the most common crop is wheat and the second most common crop is canola.  Other prominent industries include mining, meat processing, electricity production, and petroleum refining.

Saskatchewan farming information and coloring page

photo by Leanne Guenther
© Leanne Guenther, used with permissionJohn Deere -- need I say more *grin*.

Seriously though, this is a John Deere "combine" offloading grain into a truck during the first week of September.  Most of the harvesting in Saskatchewan is done in late August and September.  We usually get our first snow fall before the end of September (though the snow doesn't usually stay on the ground until late October/early November).

Combine information and coloring page



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