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KidZone Math Worksheets
Geometry Nets

A "Geometry Net" is a flattened  out three dimensional solid (a three dimensional shape) -- like a cube, a prism or a pyramid.  When you cut out the "net", fold it and glue it together you can see what the three dimensional shape looks like.

A three dimensional shape is called three dimensional (or 3D) because it has three dimensions:  length, width and height. 

The two most common measurements we need for a three dimensional shape is:

Creating paper models like these geometry nets allows children to explore the more familiar 2 dimensional shapes that go into making a three dimensional one.

I think it's particularly fun to do these during Christmas -- you can hang the three dimensional shapes on the Christmas tree.

By Shape - Platonic Solids (all the sides are identical):

Geometry Net Cubes -- all the sides are squares

Geometry Net Tetrahedrons -- all the sides are triangles

By Shape - Prisms (a 3D shape where if you sliced it like a loaf of bread, each slice would look identical):

Geometry Net Rectangular Prisms -- all the slices are rectangles

Geometry Net Square Prisms -- all the slices are squares



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