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Carnivorous Dinosaurs (Therapoda)

Therapods are a group of dinosaurs that is made up of carnivorous dinosaurs. There are a lot of really famous dinosaurs in this category, like tyrannosaurus rex, albertasaurus, and velociraptor.

Within the therapoda group there are many sub-groups of carnivorous dinosaurs. For example, the tyrannosaurus and albertasaurus belong to the group tyrannosauridae. It is important to remember that not all types of therapoda lived at the same times. Some therapod dinosaurs lived at the end of the triassic and some only lived in the cretaceous period.

t-rex fossil in a museum
Photo by Chris Nguyen on Unsplash

Regardless of when they lived and which specific sub-group they belonged to, all therapoda have a number of traits in common:

Some people think that all therapoda are also gigantic. While that is true for some of them, carnivorous dinosaurs comes in all sorts of sizes. Competing for the largest carnivore in the Earth's history is the gigantosaurus at 13 meters long. The tyrannosaurus rex is also super large, at about 10 meters (around the length of a semi-truck). Carnivorous dinosaurs can also be the size of a small bird.