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Elephants: Dinner

© written by Tasha Guenther

Elephant eating
Photographer: flowcomm; License CC BY 2.0

Unlike cats and wolves, elephants are herbivores! This means that they only eat plants. Herbivores can get all the nutrients they need from vegetation and plant life available in their own environments.

Since elephants of varying species are found in grasslands, forests, tropical jungles, and savannahs, they generally snack on grasses, roots, leaves, fruit, bark, and various kinds of seeds and nuts. Elephants, mainly the African forest elephant, use their large tusks to help them push away unwanted vegetation and gather food!

Interestingly enough, elephants spend the majority of their time eating--in fact, it has been said that the average elephant spends 22 hours of the 24 hour day eating! Talk about hungry!