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Sloths: Brown-Throated Three-Toed Sloth

Brown-Throated Three-Toed Sloth

"Brown-Throated Three-Toed Sloth" by Charlie Jackson;
used with permission under CC BY 2.0

The brown-throated sloth is the most common type of sloth found in the wild. It can be found primarily the rainforests of South and Central America.

Unlike Hoffman's and Linnaeus's sloths, the brown-throated sloth has three toes, a defining feature among sloths--since, as we've learned, sloths can be identified as either two- or three-toed.

The brown-throated sloth has greyish-brown fur/hair covering its body, with a much darker brown, almost reddish, colour covering its throat, forehead, and sides of its face. The face of this type of sloth is generally lighter in colour with dark fur running beneath its eyes (see the image above for reference!)

Jaguars, harpy eagles, and humans are the only predators that the brown-throated sloth must be wary of, and generally, the brown-throated sloth remains well-camouflaged in the higher branches of trees which allows them to avoid any real threat from predators!