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Sloths: General

Sloths are very popular slow moving land mammals. They are mostly found living in central and south America. Often, sloths are the size of a large cat and are well known for their slow moving, laid-back approach to life. They are so incredibly well-known simply because they always look like they are having a chill time!

Goat staring

"Three-Toed Sloth" by NH53;
used with permission under CC BY 2.0

Generally, while sloths are not thought to be aggressive, when cornered, they have been known to use their large, hollow claws--designed to help them hang in the trees--to scare off predators.

Sloths have also been seen moving much quicker than expected when hunted or disturbed, but generally, they move about 2 meters per minute on the ground and approximately 3 meters per minute in a tree.

However, sloths are surprisingly good swimmers, with the average sloth able to hold its breath for up to 40 minutes!