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Sloths: Maned Three-Toed Sloths


"Maned Sloth" by NH53;
used with permission under CC BY 2.0

The maned sloth is only found on the eastern coast of Brazil and is considered the rarest sloth in the world. This sloth is so rare because it is very picky about where it lives- this type of sloth will only live in hot humid parts of brazil where there are no dry seasons. Maned sloths have a pale brown to gray fur that consist of long outer hairs that cover shorter denser underfur.

Like many types of sloth, the maned sloth lives the majority of its life in trees, and very rarely will come down to the ground. This is because they can move much quicker in trees, although even when they are in the trees they only move about 38 meters a day- to put this into perspective this is not even half the length of the average sized soccer field! Talk about a slowpoke!