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Jardine River Turtle

© written by Tasha Guenther

Two Jardine River turtles

"Jardine River Turtles"; used with permission under C.C. BY-SA 3.0

The Jardine River turtle (Emydura subglobosa) is a part of the Austro-South American Side-Neck turtle family (Chelidae). It is also less creatively known as the red-bellied short-necked turtle. It, thus, has a red belly and a short neck.

They are usually black, dark grey, and shiny white in colour. They have fish-like eyes and a striking red to deep orange plastron (underbelly). However, the plastron colour fades into adulthood.

They can measure up to 25.5 cm long! They are usually found in rivers, marshes, streams, ponds, etc. Because of this, they love to swim and, like other turtle species (like the Painted and Diamondback), they love to bask in the sunshine.

They are found most commonly in Australia (as their family name suggests) and New Guinea.