Why Bat has no Friends 
Why Bat has no Friends(by Leanne Guenther, based on a Native American legend)

Many years ago there was a great battle between the animals.  The mammals on the ground and the birds in the sky began a terrible war that lasted for many weeks.

Bat was very nervous about the war and did not want to be stuck on the losing side.

At first it seemed as though the birds would win.  There were far more birds than mammals.  They could swoop down and peck away at the mammals and then fly up out of harm's way before the mammals could attack.

Bat flew up to the birds.They swooped towards him, ready to attack!But bat flapped his wings and said, “Look!  I have wings just like you.  Do not attack me for I wish to fight on your side.”

The birds huddled around, twittering, cawing and squawking to each other.  Finally, they agreed that Bat could fight with them.