KidZone:  Shakespeare Creative Writing Prompts

Mid Summer informational writing worksheet© Contributed by Leanne Guenther, Delia Barnett and Anna Ha


I like to encourage the kids to use their imagination and create their own silly stories inspired by William Shakespeare's plays

There's no need to recreate the story. Just have fun, be silly and don't take it too seriously! 

Each worksheet provides a different inspiration to help spark a child's creative writing.

Draw and Write Worksheets:

Write a story and draw a picture inspired by the writing prompt.
You may wish to provide additional Lined Paper.

Informational Writing Worksheets:

First, Next, Then, Last

Use these words to create an informational writing short manual.


Story Spark Worksheets:

Distribute the story spark worksheet and encourage the children to complete the story based on the first sentence provided.



Printable Templates:

Macbeth Creative Writing Activities:

A Mid Summer Night's Dream Creative Writing Activities:

Romeo and Juliet Creative Writing Activities: