KidZone:  Summer Creative Writing Prompts

© Contributed by Leanne Guenther


These summer creative writing prompts are a fun rainy day or end of the school year activity.  Each worksheet provides a different inspiration to help spark a child's creative writing.

Printable Templates:

Word Wall Words:

Print four summer word wall words and use one of the words in a sentence.

You can use my summer word wall word templates to go with this activity.


Draw and Write:

Write a story and draw a picture inspired by the writing prompt:
"What is your favorite summer memory?"
You may wish to provide additional Lined Paper.


Informational Writing:

First, Next, Then, Last

Use these words to create an informational writing short manual.

"How to build a sand castle"


Writing Prompt 1:
creative writing questions

"If I were a tree, I would..."

Distribute the worksheet and encourage the children to create a few sentences based on the creative writing prompt provided.


Writing Prompt 2:
creative writing ideas

"If I were growing in the summer garden, I would be..."

Encourage the children to pick something to be and then write a story about it.  The story could be fact (encyclopedia style information about the animal or plant) or fiction (a make believe story about life in the garden).


Writing Prompt 3:
story sparks - first person creative writing

"One summer morning, I went for a walk and saw..."

Distribute the worksheet and encourage the children to complete the summer story.


Picture Sparks:

Provide the children with the picture and a few sheets of lined paper.  Encourage them to write a story based on the picture.