I Can't Draw an at

© Betsy B. Lee, 2003 (used with permission)

Can you draw an at?
I can draw a hat.
I can draw a cat.
I just can't draw an at.

Can you draw meanings of here and there?
Dolch words like these are seen everywhere.
It's sure to make reading much more fun
To learn these service words in grade one.

Dolch words on lists for grades two and three
Aren't seen in grade one as frequently.
They still are found in first grade.
Knowing Dolch words gives reading much aid.

An illustration can give a clue
For guessing a word.  That's certainly true.
Making a guess can bring a smile
Or it can miss by a mile.

Decoding words is another way
To comprehend what words say,
But Dolch words should be known on sight
If they will be read just right.

If sight word mastery is the goal,
Pictures are not the things to behold.
Pictures can help children visualize
But dependance on pictures can close their eyes.

Draw a picture with many a word?
I don't think that is absurd.
It helps the mind to live and grow
Like making a personal movie show.

When words don't sound the way they look,
Should readers learn from a list or a book?
A list is fine from time to time.
Dolch books are more fun, like rhythm and rhyme.

When all is said and all is done,
I'll take you back where I've begun.
I can't draw an at, a was, or a too.
Can you?
Thanks to Betsy for sharing this poem with us!