Vancouver, British Columbia Scenery Photo Tour

Photo:  Vancouver, BC skyline

Vancouver skyline
photographer Bruce Irschick, used with permission under CC BY-ND 2.0

Vancouver is the biggest city in western Canada and the capital city of British Columbia.  The greater metropolitan area is about 2.5 million people.  It's also the most densely populated city in Canada with many of the residents living in high-rise apartments.


Photo:  Vancouver, BC skyline taken from Stanley Park

coastal city
© Tasha Guenther, used with permission

Being a coastal, seaport city Vancouver is also quite multi-cultural and diverse with people from all over the world visiting and often staying.

It's a great city to visit and to live in -- there are all the amenities of big city living like arts, culture and great food but it's also close to ocean activities and mountain activities.

Cargo ships and cruise ships visit Vancouver ports every day -- it's fun to bring a picnic to the shore to watch the boats.

Typical Canadian winters pretty much leave Vancouver alone.  Vancouvers get snow sometimes, but it doesn't stay for long.  Mostly, the winters are just rainy but temperatures usually stay above freezing.

Photo:  Stanley Park Trails

exploring Stanley Park
© Tasha Guenther, used with permission
Something new around every corner!

Stanley Park is my favorite place to visit in Vancouver. 

It's a huge and lovely park to walk around in -- you can walk through the forest for an hour and along the sea shore for another and still not see the whole thing.


Photo:  Sea Otters at the Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park

Stanley Park includes a nice restaurant for lunch or afternoon tea and the aquarium to visit with the kids!

sea otters
photographer Mrcio Cabral de Moura, used with permission under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Sea otters are tough to find in the wild as they are fairly small (about 4 feet long) and spend most of their time at sea.  These two are holding hands at the Vancouver aquarium!  Sea otters will form a "raft" with their friends by hanging on to each other and floating together while they nap.