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Ontario Flag and Coat of Arms

map of Canada - Ontario
Map of Canada - featuring Ontario
Illustrator:   Leanne Guenther using the Map of Canada coloring page

Source:  WikipediaOntario's Provincial Flag

The Ontario provincial flag was adopted on May 21, 1965.  The Canadian Red Ensign is used with the Union Jack in the upper left hand corner and the Ontario shield of arms on the right side in the middle.

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Source:  WikipediaOntario's Provincial Flower

The white trillium was adopted as the official flower of Ontario in 1937.  The white trillium blooms in late April and early May.  It begins white, but turns light pink as it ages.  The flower is followed by red berries that ripen to a blue-black color.

Ontario Coat of Arms

Photo:  Ontario Coat of Arms

The coat of arms of Ontario was granted by Royal Warrant of Queen Victoria on 26 May 1868.

The Crest: a black bear standing on a gold and green wreath

The Supporters: a moose and deer

The Motto: Ut incepit Fidelis sic permanet, Latin for Loyal she began, loyal she remains.  It refers to the Loyalist refugees from the American Revolution, who settled in Ontario while it was still part of Quebec, and for whom the area was separated as Upper Canada.

Photo:  Ontario Shield of Arms - Centennial Flame

Source:  Photo by Leanne Guenther

The shield of arms - which appears on Ontario's flag and coat of arms - consists of three golden maple leaves, representing Canada, on a green background.

On the top is the Cross of St. George, the name saint of King George III, in allegiance to whom the Loyalists first came to the land that would form the province.