Saskatchewan Scenery Photo Tour
Saskatchewan's Flower, Flag and Coat of Arms

map of Canada - Saskatchewan
Map of Canada - featuring Saskatchewan
Illustrator:   Leanne Guenther using the Map of Canada coloring page


Photo:  Saskatchewan's Provincial Flag

This photo shows the provincial flag of Saskatchewan.  

The Saskatchewan provincial flag was adopted on Sept. 22, 1969.  The green represents the provinces northern forests and the yellow or gold it's wheat fields.  The prairie lily, Saskatchewan's provincial flower, is prominently displayed.

Saskatchewan flag
Saskatchewan's provincial flag
Photographer:  CLS Research Office, license:  CC BY-SA 2.0

Saskatchewan flag worksheet

Photo:  Saskatchewan provincial flower - Prairie Lily

The western red lily (also known as the prairie lily) was declared Saskatchewan's provincial flower on April 8, 1941. It is very rare and is protected (I was born in Saskatchewan, living there for 20 years and only saw one once).

prairie lily
Prairie Lily
Photographer:  Dustin Ginetz, license:  CC BY-ND 2.0

Photo:  Saskatchewan Coat of Arms

Saskatchewan coat of armsSaskatchewan's shield of arms was granted in 1906 by King Edward VII. The crest, supporters and motto were granted in 1986 by Queen Elizabeth II.

The Shield:  The top of the shield of arms features a red lion, a traditional royal symbol, on a horizontal gold band; the middle and lower parts of the shield feature three gold wheat sheaves on a green background, symbolizing Saskatchewan's agriculture and resources.

The Supporters:  The shield is supported by a royal lion and a white-tailed deer, an animal indigenous to Saskatchewan. Both supporters wear collars of Prairie Indian beadwork. From each collar hangs a badge in the form of the six-pointed star (stylized lily) of the Saskatchewan Order of Merit. The badge worn by the lion displays Canada's emblem, the maple leaf, while the badge worn by the deer displays Saskatchewan's official flower, the western red lily.

Immediately above the shield is a helmet, which represents Saskatchewan's co-sovereign status within Confederation. The helmet is decorated with mantling in Canada's national colours — red and white. Above the helmet is a wreath that supports a beaver — Canada's national animal. The beaver represents the North, the fur trade and the province's native people. The beaver holds a western red lily, the floral emblem of the province. The Crown, a symbol of Saskatchewan's direct link with the Sovereign through the Lieutenant Governor, surmounts the beaver at the top of the coat of arms.

The Motto:  MULTIS E GENTIBUS VIRES (From many peoples strength)

Photo:  Saskatchewan Shield of Arms - Centennial Flame

Saskatchewan Shield of Arms - Photo by Leanne Guenther
© Leanne Guenther, used with permission

On the gold chief (top portion) is the red lion, a traditional royal symbol.  The lower portion of the shield is a green background with three golden wheat sheaves, symbolizing Saskatchewan's agricultural industry.