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A map of the UKThe United Kingdom consists of 4 individual countries: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The capital city is London, but each individual country also has its own capital. The UK has a population of over 65 million people. That’s twice as many as Canada in a place a third the size of Alberta. Despite the amount of people, the UK is well known for its countryside and has many national parks.

The UK is a temperate country with wet mild winters and warm summers. It very rarely experiences extremes in either direction. The country was shaped by glaciations and ancient tectonic processes. These have created regions with specific characters. The coast of South England is popular for its beaches and cliffs. Mountains cover much of Wales, N England and Scotland, while Northern Ireland has many large lakes.

There is a large history dating back to the Bronze Age and the UK has been involved in many world events including the Roman and British Empires, as well as both World Wars. Equally, the size of the country belies its many religions and cultures. The UK distinct cultural boundaries that go further than the individual countries. Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland have their own cultures, but so do the people of Cornwall, Essex and Yorkshire to name a few.

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The UK currency is pound sterling (£) where £1 is equal to $1.3 (CAD$1.7). There is a central parliamentary government in London, England where 650 elected members of parliament run the country. These are overseen by the Prime Minister, Speaker, House of Lords and the British Monarchy (currently Queen Elizabeth II). Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland also have their own regional governments which have limited powers.

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