The Alphabet Matching Game Templates
Step 1 - Choose a Theme

Select the theme for the templates you would like to print. 
You can preview the template if you like.

Summer - Ice Cream Cone Preview
Winter - Snowman Preview



Each template has an upper case letter on one image and a lower case letter on a second image - there are a number of fonts and styles to choose from (including an ASL option, cursive option and tracing options). 

What to do:  Print templates with a variety of letters and cut them out.  If you mix up the pieces you can let your child match the upper and lower case letters by putting the correct lower case image with the correct upper case image. For example, with the winter theme you will put the correct hat (lower case letter) on the correct snowman (upper case letter). 

You can also use the templates to sort consonants and vowels or to spell words.

Note:  If you laminate the template pieces, you can draw on them with white board marker or crayola washable markers and then wipe off the pieces when you're done.  This is especially useful for the Standard Printing, Script Type Printing and Cursive tracer options.