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Photographer: Tambako
Used under license: CC BY-ND 2.0


The spectacled Bear is also known as the Andean bear because they live in the Andes Mountains.  If you’ve ever seen a picture of this bear you will know how it got its name!  The face markings of the spectacled bear make it look like it is wearing glasses or spectacles.  

This is the only bear species that can be found only in South America in the forests of the Andes Mountains.  They are thought to be the last living bear from the otherwise extinct short-faced bear family.

Spectacled bears eat a wide variety of foods including rodents, birds, berries, grasses and fruit but their favourite is the Bromeliacae plant.  These bears are excellent climbers with short but strong legs.  They build nests high in trees for sleeping and eating in.



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