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brown recluse spider
source:  wiki commons

Brown Recluse Spider

The recluse spider is, in fact, a recluse! That means that it likes to live alone.

This species can be found in Canada and the U.S.  As well as in other parts of the world.

It is considered armed and dangerous because its venom is quite harmful to people.  Although it is not the type to attack, when disturbed or frightened it will bite.  These guys are often found hiding in dark places like garages, closets and sometimes in clothing, bedding or shoes that haven’t been worn for sometime.  This is when most people are likely to get bitten.  They really do prefer biting (and eating) insects, though!

The Recluse spiders will lay their eggs a couple times a year.

These spiders weave sheet webs to catch their prey.


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