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Card Trick 1

Thanks so much to Rita for sending this in!!


The magician has three rows of cards.  An audience volunteer picks a card in his/her head and tells the magician what row it's in.  The magician does that three times and on the third time tells the volunteer what their card was.  (or have the magic puppet whisper to you what the card was and then you tell the audience what the puppet said.)

card trick instructions step 1Supplies: 

21 cards, all different


First lay out the cards, 3 across and 7 down.

Have someone think of a card and tell you what row its in.

Pick up all the rows, row by row, making sure to pick up the row that the card is in 2nd.

EXAMPLE:  Let's assume the volunteer secretly chose PINK-6 and then told us their card was in the second row.  We would pick up the rows and we would make sure the pink row was picked up second so that it was in the middle of the deck. 

card trick instructions step 2Then lay out the cards again (the exact same way, 3 across & 7 down). 

Put down one card per row.

In our example, we'd put down BLUE-1, BLUE-2, BLUE-3 then go down to the next row and place BLUE-4, BLUE-5, BLUE-6 and so on.

Then ask the volunteer where the card is in now.

Pick up the rows again, like before -- still making sure that you pick up the row that the card is in 2nd.

In our example, the volunteer would say their card was in the first row.  You would make sure that row was in the middle of the deck


card trick instructions step 3Lay them out again, the same way. 

Then ask the volunteer which row the card is in now.
(You can get dramatic and tell them to think really hard about it... pretend to be reading their mind)

Then count four cards down in that row.
(It appears more magical if you count to yourself...  People won't realize you're counting four cards down).

The fourth card is their card!!

In our example, the volunteer would have said their card was in the last row.  Four cards down is PINK-6!



Danny offered this variation to make the trick harder to figure out.  He wrote:

"I would like to offer an extra solution for magic trick number 1. In this one you lay down 3 columns with 7 cards.  And the spectator picks a card.  The thing is, that it can become obvious that your always taking the one with the card in it, SECOND.  So to ''hide it'' you can do this.  Do the 1st phase of it, Now RANDOMLY take each column.  And lay them down in the way of phase 2. Now there are 2 columns with 2 cards, and 1 column with 3 cards (those cards I mention are those that were located in the chosen column).  Now all you do is gotta remember the cards in the column they choose.  And then lay them out THAT way again (or reversed, going from left to right instead of right to left.) And then those cards will be split apart, so you can still magically get the right card, but the trick is harder to guess."

Donna provided us with an alternative ending to this card trick:

"Proceed with trick up to the 3rd layout.  You know the card is the 4th card in the row so continue to put the rows together - still with the selected row in the center.  This will make 'the card' the 11th card.  

Face down, place the cards into flower groups of 4 or 5 cards per group (you should get about 5 flower groups) - but remember which card is the 11th (this is the selected card).  Ask the person to pick 2 (or however many you want) groups ..  When they do, take away those groups BUT if the selected card is in that group, you leave those groups and take away the others.  Continue until you only have the 1 remaining flower group containing the selected card and lay these cards out side by side and still face down (remembering where the selected card is).

Ask the person to select 2 cards (as with the flowers, & remembering where the card is), and again, if they pick 2 and one of these is the selected cards, remove the other cards leaving those 2.  Ask them to pick 1 card ..  If they pick the selected card .. remove the other or vise versa so that the remaining card will always be the selected card.  Turn over the remaining card and 'voila'.

They told you what flowers or cards to take away so they are even more amazed when the correct card turns up."