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Title Aa is for Alligators
OverviewAa is for Alligators!
Subject(s) Art
Language Arts
Large Muscle
Suggested Time 0 Minutes
Objectives Students will be able to:
  1. Learn about the alligators
  2. Learn about the letter Aa
MaterialsGreen contruction paper
Alligator stickers
On-Line ResourcesColoring page 1
Coloring Page 2
Paper mache alligator (make one for the classroom before doing the unit)
Off-Line ResourcesBook: The Lady With the Alligator Purse

Book: There's an Alligator Under My Bed
PreparationFor younger preschoolers you will want to cut out a 6 inch alligator and a large block letter Aa. If they are 4 and older the kids can cut their own out.
MotivationI have many collected toy alligators. (rubber, stuffed and puppets)
Spell out the word Alligator and have in on the wall/bulletin board
ActivityAt circle time you will want to talk about the letter Aa. Tell the kids alligator starts with the letter A. Have the kids spell out the word alligator with you that you have hanging up. Read them a story about an alligator.

Music/small muscle: Sing the song: 5 little monkies sitting in the tree teasing the alligator c-a-n-'-t catch me. A-l-o-n-g comes the alligator quiet as can be......(use your hands to make the alligators mouth) Eat you up! (tickle the children). 4 little monkies....(and so on)

Science/large muscle: Talk about how alligators have short legs and crawl with their bellies on the ground. Talk about how strong their tail is. Have the children crawl like alligators.

Science: Make shadow pictures on the wall with your hands of an alligators mouth.

Art: Cut out an alligator about 6" long. Let the children glue on wiggle eyes,pom poms or just draw eyes on. Let them draw a zig zag down the alligators back. You can draw teeth on the underside of his mouth. Color them. Attach the tail to the mouth with tape or a staple. You have an alligator bracelet!!

If you have an alligator puppet he can sing the song with you or read the story to the children.

Language: Cut out a large letter Aa for each child. Let them put alligator stickers on the letter Aa.

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