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Title Life Cycle of a Frog
OverviewBooks and an art activity will introduce students to the stages of a frog's life cycle.
Subject(s) Science
Suggested Time 30 Minutes
Materialstadpole, life cycle
Objectives Students will be able to:
  1. Name the three stages of a frog's life cycle in order.
On-Line ResourcesTemplates - http://www.dltk-kids.com/animals/mfroglifecycle.htm

Age Appropriate Research - http://www.kiddyhouse.com/Themes/frogs/
PreparationUse the large "Life Cycle of a Frog" templates from DLTK's for a bulletin board.

Place some books about Frogs and Tadpoles in the reading center.
MotivationStart the class by reading a book about the life cycle of a frog. Here are some suggestions:

From Tadpole to Frog (Scholastic Science...

Frogs and Toads and Tadpoles, Too!...
ActivityMake your own Frog Life Cycle Diagram:
  • Cut out big blue circles in cardstock or construction paper
  • Glue foil circles on top (for the pond).
  • Draw a picture of a frog (on green construction paper or color green)
  • Draw tadpoles (on brown paper or color brown)
  • For the frog eggs cut out bubble wrap shapes and put black dots in the centre of the bubbles with permanent marker (this doesn't rub off, so is ideal)
  • Stick each item in order around the pond.

If you'd prefer not to have the children draw all of the shapes themselves, use the templates from the Frog Life Cycle Craft from DLTK's Crafts for Kids.
ConclusionHang the work of your students on the classroom bulletin board.
Next Day ExtensionRead the Very Hungry Caterpillar to the classroom. Using the white board, compare the life cycle of a frog to that of a caterpillar.

You can use the Felt Board templates from DLTK's to compliment the story.

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