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Title The Lavender Llama
OverviewThis lesson could be used to teach friendship, discrimination, prejudice or tolerance. It is a good counseling resource for bi-racial children.
Subject(s) Social Studies
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Suggested Time 30 Minutes
Objectives Students will be able to:
  1. Understand discrimination, prejudice and tolerance.
MaterialsBook: The Lavender Llama by Tandy Braid
Questions regarding the reading.
Coloring page.
On-Line ResourcesColoring Page
Off-Line ResourcesThe Lavender Llama is available from Amazon.com
MotivationAs the children begin entering the classroom, hand a selected few a piece of candy. (Example: only those with street shoes, or with buttoned shirts, or watches. Basing it on personal things like eye or hair color can lead to hard feelings.) Ask the children who didn't receive candy how it felt not to get something. Then proceed to tell them it is reading time and you are going to read a book to them about this very topic.
ActivityRead The Lavender Llama by Tandy Braid. It is a book about a llama whose mommy is red and daddy is blue. The llama learns all about discrimination, and more importantly, that it can be defeated by love and knowledge.
ConclusionQuestions Regarding Reading : The Lavender Llama by Tandy Braid

1. What was the Lavender Llama’s problem?

2. Why are people mean to others who are different?

3. What is the name of the disease the Llama had?

4. What was the cure for the disease?

5. What is respect?

6. How do you think the Lavender Llama felt?

7. The Lavender Llama felt like a big zero in the beginning of the story. How did the others treat him at the end of the story?

Don't forget to give a piece of candy to those who were left out!

If you purchase a llama cookie cutter, you could also make cookies and have the students decorate the cookies as part of the lesson.

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