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Title The Tattle Tail Tale
OverviewUsing the story by Tandy Braid to introduce the concepts of tattling and reporting then discussing the difference between them.
Subject(s) Health and Safety
Social Studies
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Suggested Time 30 Minutes
Objectives Students will be able to:
  1. Determine if something is a tattle or report.
MaterialsBook: The Tattle Tail Tale by Tandy Braid
Coloring sheet
Questions regarding reading
construction paper with words"tattle"&"report"
Off-Line ResourcesColoring Page
MotivationTell children that tattling can cause different problems in the classroom and that today they are going to learn the difference between tattling and reporting. When a person tattles their goal is to get someone into trouble. When someone is reporting their goal is to prevent someone from getting hurt. Explain to children that you are going to read them a story about a little girl named Matilda with a big problem.

Read the story aloud.
ActivityQuestions regarding the reading-

What was Matilda McFaddle's problem?
Who came to the children's rescue?
Who should we leave in charge to handle problems as they see fit?
What happened to Matilda McFaddle as a result of her tattling all the time?
When you tattle do you make more friends or less friends?
Does tattling sometimes interrupt your class activities?
When is it important to report?
What is the difference between tattling and reporting?
Why do you think Matilda no longer chooses to tattle?

The Tattle Tail Tale Game

Divide the team into two teams. Explain to students that you are going to read them a question, they have to determine if it is a tattle or a report and go to that chair that is marked. Whoever is correct gets point for their team.

Michelle fell down on the playground (R)
Danny won't play with me (T)
Julie's trying to trip me (R)
Randy has a knife (R)
Joey ran out into the street (R)
Noah dropped his pencil (T)
Johnny skipped in line (T)
Charlie is talking about beating Mike up after school (R)
Glen's throwing rocks (R)
Ashley's throwing leaves (T)
ConclusionColoring Page

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