KidZone Itsy Bitsy Books
Photo Directions for Assembly

© Contributed by Leanne Guenther

Assembly sounds harder than it is.  Once you've done it once, it all makes a lot more sense and you can whip these Itsy Bitsy Books up quickly...  It's nice that there are no staples or glue required.

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  • Cut around the outside dotted line.
  • Fold in half along the center solid line, so you can still read the words.
  • Cut along the dotted line in the center.
  • Fold each side in half again along the solid lines so you end up with a "fan fold".
  • Fold in half.
  • Unfold everything!
  • Fold in half lengthwise so you can see a long strip of images on both sides.
  • Hold each end of the booklet and push together so the title page and back page are in place.
  • Crease firmly to finish the booklet.