Farm Words - A thru Z

A Animal, Ant, Auger
B Bail, Barn, Boar, Bull
C Cat, Chicken, Colt, Combine
D Dog, Donkey, Duck
E Egg
F Farmer, Feather, Field, Fence, Foal
G Goat, Goose, Grain
H Hay, Hen, Horse
I Ice Cream (home made ice cream?)
J Jam, Jar
K Kitten
L Lamb, Llama
M Milk, Mouse, Mud
N Nest
O Ostrich, Oxen, Overalls, Owl
P Pig, Plant, Pond
Q Quack
R Rooster, Rubber Boots
S Scarecrow, Seed, Sheep, Silo, Stallion, Straw
T Tractor, Truck, Turkey
U Uncle?
V Vegetables
W Weather Vane, Wheelbarrow, Wolf, Wool
X the door on the front of a barn has an X on it.
Y Yam
Z Zipper (on the farmer's clothes?)