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letter b worksheetsKidZone Learning Letters
Letter B Worksheets

Grade Level:  Kindergarten

The letter B is a dependable letter.  It usually makes the "buh" sound as in bat.

However, it is sometimes silent (as in doubt or lamb).  The rule for remembering this is that when b comes BEFORE T or AFTER M in the same syllable, it is silent.  This is too advanced for kindergarten students just learning to associate the sounds with the letters.  Therefore, until the children have mastered the "typical" letter b sound, try to stay away from using words such as doubt or lamb when teaching the letter b.

The activities are organized from easiest to most difficult.  Feel free to go only part way through the activities depending on the comfort level of the child!

Letter Recognition


Words that Begin with the Letter B:   


Words that End with the Letter B:      


Letter B Word Bank:

words that start with the Letter B


words that end with the Letter B



Other Links:

Although the activities are geared more to the preschool age group, adding one or two less challenging activities when learning the letters can be a welcome break for the kids and can be given as a bonus activity for those who finish their work early.


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