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fire-bellied toad
European Fire-bellied Toad
source:  wikicommons
photographer:  Christian Fischer

belly of the fire-bellied toad
belly of the Fire-bellied Toad
source:  wikicommons
photographer:  Christian Fischer

European Fire-bellied Toad

Everyone likes a nice, nutritious snack and for the European Fire-bellied toad, that's its own skin!  When they're ready to shed their skin, they puff themselves up so the skin rips a bit.  Then they tear the old skin off with their mouth and eat it -- yum!

As the name suggests, they are found in the wild in Europe but many people keep them as pets.

European Fire-Bellied Toads are (mud colored) brown with green splotches on their backs, helping them blend in with their surroundings.  However, if camouflage doesn't work they push up on their legs to show their brightly colored red and black bellies.  This warns potential predators that they are not to be eaten - they have a poison mucus or slime that irritates the mouths of predators who attempt to eat them. 


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