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Spring Themed Math Pages

Always remember that grade levels are not absolutes -- especially since we're all living in different countries and therefore have different curriculums.  Some kindergarten children will find the Grade One worksheets useful as will some Grade Two students.  Use your judgment! 

(PreK/Kindergarten)   (Grade 1)   (Grade 2)   (Grade 3)
(Grade 4)   (Grade 5)   (Word Problems)   (Directions)


NOTE:  Magic Squares definition:  add across and down to see the relationships in addition and subtraction.  Great self-checking review (the sums of the answers across = the sums of the answers down making it possible for the children to check their own answers)



Spring theme count and trace worksheets:

free printable preschool math worksheets

Grade One Spring Worksheets:  

  1. Two numbers from 0 to 10
         Vertical   (addition(subtraction)
         Horizontal   (addition(subtraction)

  2. Fill in the blanks - two numbers from 0 to 10 
         Vertical   (addition(subtraction)
         Horizontal   (addition(subtraction)

  3. Add a column of three numbers (the first number is always "1") 

  4. One number from 10 to 19 and one number from 0 to 9   (addition)   (subtraction) 

  5. Single digit number MAGIC SQUARES  (addition)   (subtraction)

  6. Single digit number MATH TABLES  (addition)   (subtraction

  7. Single digit number sentences - fill in the + or - sign (addition/subtraction

  8. Word Problems

Grade Two Spring Worksheets:

  1. One number from 10 to 99 and one number from 0 to 9   (addition)   (subtraction)

  2. Number sentences - fill in the + or - sign (addition/subtraction

  3. Two digit numbers - NO CARRYING   (addition)   (subtraction

  4. Two digit numbers - CARRYING
        Vertical   (addition)   (subtraction)
        Horizontal   (addition)   (subtraction)

  5. Fill in the blanks - two digit numbers with CARRYING 
        Vertical   (addition)   (subtraction)
        Horizontal   (addition)   (subtraction)

  6. Two digit number MAGIC SQUARES   (addition)   (subtraction

  7. Two digit number MATH TABLES  (addition)   (subtraction

  8. Two digit number sentences - fill in the + or - sign (addition/subtraction

  9. Add a column of three single digit numbers 

  10. Visual multiplication exercise   (multiplication)

  11. Two numbers from 0 to 10   (multiplication)

  12. Multiplication MATH TABLES  (multiplication)

  13. Number sentences - fill in the + or - or x sign (addition/subtraction/multiplication

  14. Word Problems

Grade Three Spring Worksheets: 

  1. Groundhog's Day Weather - Predict and Graph

  2. Three digit number   (addition)   (subtraction

  3. Fill in the blanks - three digit number   (addition)   (subtraction)

  4. Three digit number MAGIC SQUARES   (addition)   (subtraction)

  5. Three digit number MATH TABLES  (addition)   (subtraction

  6. Add a column of three double digit numbers 

  7. Four digit number   (addition)   (subtraction

  8. Fill in the blanks - four digit number   (addition)   (subtraction)

  9. Four digit number MAGIC SQUARES   (addition)   (subtraction)

  10. Four digit number MATH TABLES  (addition)   (subtraction

  11. Decimal numbers - NO CARRYING   (addition)   (subtraction)

  12. Decimal numbers - CARRYING   (addition)   (subtraction)

  13. Multiply one number from 10 to 100 and one number from 0 to 10

  14. Find the missing factor (1 to 10)  (vertical)   (horizontal

  15. Division - single digit quotient without remainders

  16. Division - double digit quotient without remainders

  17. Word Problems

Grade Four Spring Worksheets: 

  1. Five digit number   (addition)   (subtraction

  2. Fill in the blanks - five digit number   (addition)   (subtraction)

  3. Two digit decimal numbers   (addition)   (subtraction)   

  4. Add a column of 3 two digit decimal numbers  

  5. Multiply two digit numbers

  6. Find the missing factor (1 to 100)  (vertical)   (horizontal

  7. Two digit multiplication MATH TABLES  (multiplication)

  8. Division - triple digit quotient without remainders

  9. Division - Two digit division with remainders

  10. Word Problems

Grade Five Spring Worksheets: 

  1. Multiply three digit numbers

  2. Three digit multiplication MATH TABLES  (multiplication)

  3. Four digit multiplication MATH TABLES  (multiplication)

  4. Multiply a decimal number by a whole number

  5. Divide a decimal number by a whole number

  6. Multiply decimal numbers

  7. Word Problems





Click one of the links above.  Click once on the image and then print.  To generate a new worksheet, click the GENERATE NEW WORKSHEET link at the top right hand side of your page.

  1. the first worksheet will print fine

  2. when you hit GENERATE NEW WORKSHEET, you'll see a new worksheet on your screen, but when you PRINT, it will print the first worksheet again.

Here's the fix (the directions take longer to read than they do to accomplish -- once you've done it two or three times, it becomes second nature)

  1. print the first worksheet you see just like you normally would

  2. hit the < BACK hyperlink

  3. On your netscape menu, select:

    • EDIT, 


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