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Wolves: Mating

© written by Tasha Guenther

Playing wolves
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Unusually, wolves usually begin the mating process in the late-winter.

To do so, the alpha female will begin to demand attention from her alpha male counterpart. She does so by being playful.

In packs, it is very rare that any other male or female wolves will breed; thus, breeding is solely up to the most dominant males and females.

Once the alpha female's playful behaviour begins, the alpha male will begin to pay more attention to her. He does so by dancing with her! Basically, each wolf stands on his or her hind legs and moves in playful sways.

By the time each alpha has equally chosen the other, the male will do what is called pair bonding; this means that he will guard the alpha female from all other males in the pack. She will not be allowed contact with any--not even her older male offspring!

Once the two have mated, the pups are usually born sometime between April and May.