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Wolves: Offspring

© written by Tasha Guenther

Wolf and Pup
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Wolf offspring are called pups!

Since wolves mate in late-winter (January and February, usually), their pups are born 2-3 months later in April or May. This group of pups is called a litter.

The average litter can consist of anywhere between four to eight pups.

The pups are well protected by the entire pack. Since packs can be as small as two wolves or as large as 20, protection of pups is necessary in order for populations of wolves to grow worldwide.

While most of the female offspring will stay, as they grow older, to take care of newer offspring, most males will leave the pack to scout out their own territory for the creation of new packs. The females that do leave the packs are usually very dominant and "butt heads" with the alpha-female. These wolves are considered lone wolves and can travel for miles searching for new territories and suitable mates. It is all a cycle of life!