Alberta Scenery Photo Tour
The Rocky Mountains

Photo:  Colin Range of the Rocky Mountains

Colin Range of the Rocky Mountains
© Leanne Guenther, used with permission
This photo was taken on a cloudy day in early June.
It looks a little like a black and white or sepia photo, but it isn't -- it's just early June in the Alberta Rockies!

The Canadian Rockies comprise the Canadian segment of the North American Rocky Mountains (which continues south into the United States).  The Rockies run along the Western border of Alberta, separating the province from its neighbour British Columbia.

This photo is of the "Colin Range" of the Rocky Mountains in Jasper National Park, Alberta.   A mountain range is a group of mountains bordered by lowlands.  Mountain ranges are usually separated from other mountain ranges by passes and rivers.  The Canadian Rockies are divided into over 30 different mountain ranges.

Jasper National Park is the largest of Canada's Rocky Mountain Parks and part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Jasper spans 10,878 square kilometres (4200 square miles) along the eastern slopes of the Rockies in western Alberta.

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And here's another photo of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta taken on a sunny winter day.

Alberta Rockies
© Leanne Guenther, used with permission


And here's one further south in Waterton National Park.   Yes, weekend trips to the mountains are one of our favorite passtimes!

red rock canyon, waterton national park
© Leanne Guenther, used with permission

I did not photoshop or edit the colors in any way.  This is just what it looks like on a nice sunny summer day!