Alberta Scenery Photo Tour

Photo:  View from Jasper Park Lodge in the winter (Jasper National Park)

photo by Leanne Guenther
© Darren Guenther, used with permission

This photo was taken out the window of our cabin at Jasper Park Lodge in Jasper National Park, Alberta in mid-February.  You can see the characteristic evergreen trees that are found throughout the area along with the Rocky Mountains in the background.  The lake in the foreground has hot spots that gurgle up occasionally from the hot springs that feed them and prevent the ice from forming in some spots.  (Skating not recommended *grin*)

More About Jasper National Park:  On September 14, 1907, the Dominion Government established Jasper Forest Park (later called Jasper National Park), setting aside an area of about 13,000 square kilometres.  The National Parks Act was passed in 1930 and Jasper was officially established as a national park, with a final area of just over 10,000 square kilometres.

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