KidZone Geography: India

The range of environments in India means there are lots of very different places for animals to live. Unique animals like Tigers and Elephants inhabit areas of the continent and some are becoming rarer.

A Tiger
Photographed by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

With a range of environments, they are many animals that live throughout India. Some are very common and religiously important like cows while others are exceedingly rare like Bengal tigers and snow leopards. The rainforests are diverse areas that are home to sloths, elephants and leopards. They are spilt over two distinct areas in India and have been subject to a lot of destruction in recent years.

The Himalayan mountains are another habitat located to the North of India and are home to the reclusive snow leopard. These animals are exceedingly rare, very few remain. As the mountains rise each level creates a different habitat including the rivers and glaciers that cover the valleys.

Alongside these two large habitats there are other types like grasslands and coral reefs off the coast. It results in a variety of places and spaces for animals and humans to live across India.