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Manitoba, Canada

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Manitoba mapManitoba is the eastern-most of the "prairie provinces".  Winnipeg is the capital city.

Manitoba became a province of Canada on July 15, 1870.

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source wikipedia - photo by MakaristosThe Provincial Flag

The Manitoba provincial flag was adopted on May 12, 1966.  The flag depicts the Union Jack and Manitoba Provincial Shield on a red background.  The main symbol of the shield is the bison.

Manitoba flowerThe Provincial Flower

The prairie crocus or 'pasque flower' was named Manitoba's provincial flower on March 16, 1906.  The province picked the flower by allowing school children to vote for one of a number of possible choices.  This spring flowering crocus was the winner.

Manitoba birdThe Provincial Bird

The great gray owl was adopted as Manitoba's provincial bird on July 16, 1987.

The great gray owl is 'a raptor' or meat eating bird.  Unlike most owls, it hunts during the day as well as the night.  It lives in Manitoba year round and is the largest owl in North America.

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