KidZone Geography: United Kingdom


The temperate and consitent environment in the UK makes it a good place for farming and the landscape is dominated by cattle and sheep, as well as deer in nature reserves.

The most prevalent habitats in the UK are woodland and arable or grasslands. As well as these, there are upland or mountain habitats, coasts and heathland. Many animals, often birds, have evolved to exist across the country like the pigeon and fox. In the woods, squirrels and hedgehogs roam the undergrowth as various birds of prey patrol the skies.

On the coast, various seabirds live along side seals and dolphins, as well as the very occassional shark. Cliffs and beaches provide the perfect nesting sites for huge colonies of birds including puffins. In the North of Scotland, herds of deer roam the highlands. In the rutting season, stags clash together in large fights for control of the herds.

Throughout all of this, large swathes of the UK are given over to farming, cattle and sheep are a common sight and in Wales, sheep outnumber humans.