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Christmas Graphing Activities

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Christmas graphing
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Christmas graphing
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Christmas graphing
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bar graph
Christmas graphing
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The Christmas graphing projects build on each other and are, therefore, suitable for grade 1 through grade 3.

Grade 1 students should do the predictions and tally worksheets.

Grade 2 students should do the predictions, estimation, and tally worksheets.

Grade 3 students should complete all the worksheets:  predictions, estimation, tally and bar graphs.


Project 1:  Predict the Number of Candies

Talk to the children about "predictions".  A prediction is a fancy word for a guess about the future.  Predictions can be made lots of different ways:

Encourage the children to chose the way they want to make their predictions.

Project 2:  Estimate the Results

An estimate is a calculated guess of the approximate amount of an item without having exact information.

Divide the candies into two separate piles. 

Estimate how many green candies and how many red candies are in your piles.  Don't count!  Just estimate.

Project 3:  Tally the Results

Tally marks are a quick way to visually count a large number of results.  Rather than trying to keep track of a count, you make a tally mark for each item, then you can count the tally marks (by 5's).  This is an intermediate step for graphing.

Project 4:  Bar Graph the Group's Results

Using your tally worksheet (or starting from scratch), make a bar graph of your bag of Halloween candies.