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Subtraction Worksheets available on this site

Listed from simplest to most difficult.  Please close the worksheet window when you have finished printing the worksheet.  All items are dynamic (can regenerate unlimited problems) unless otherwise indicated.

  1. Single digit subtraction (0 to 10)
        Vertical   [Farm]   [Jungle]   [Ocean]
        Horizontal   [Farm]   [Jungle]   [Ocean]

Fill in the blank - single digit subtraction (0 to 10)  
    Vertical   [Farm]   [Jungle]   [Ocean]
    Horizontal   [Farm]   [Jungle]   [Ocean]

  1. 10 to 19 minus 0 to 10   [Farm]   [Jungle]   [Ocean]
  2. Subtraction Basic Facts Worksheets (No Theme)   [ 50 questions ]   [ 100 questions ]
  3. Magic squares - Subtract across and down to see the relationships in subtraction.  Great self-checking review (the sums of the answers across = the sums of the answers down making it possible for the children to check their own answers)   
    [Farm]   [Jungle]   [Ocean]
  4. Single digit subtraction table - subtract a number from a table of four different numbers   
    [Farm]   [Jungle]   [Ocean]
  5. 10 to 99 minus 0 to 9  [Farm]   [Jungle]   [Ocean]
  6. Subtract two numbers from 10 to 99
  7. Two digit number magic squares [Farm]   [Jungle]   [Ocean]  
  8. Two digit subtraction table [Farm]   [Jungle]   [Ocean]
  9. Three digit numbers  [Farm]   [Jungle]   [Ocean
    Fill in the blank - three digit numbers  [Farm]   [Jungle]   [Ocean]
    Tree Math - three digit numbers  [No Theme
  10. Three digit number magic squares   [Farm]   [Jungle]   [Ocean]
  11. Three digit subtraction table [Farm]   [Jungle]   [Ocean]
  12. Four digit numbers  [Farm]   [Jungle]   [Ocean]
    Fill in the blank - four digit numbers  [Farm]   [Jungle]   [Ocean]    
  13. Four digit number magic squares  [Farm]   [Jungle]   [Ocean]
  14. Four digit subtraction table [Farm]   [Jungle]   [Ocean]
  15. Subtract  decimal numbers
  16. Five digit numbers  [Farm]   [Jungle]   [Ocean
    Fill in the blanks - five digit numbers  [Farm]   [Jungle]   [Ocean]
  17. Add two digit decimal numbers  [Farm]   [Jungle]   [Ocean]