Shark Clipart

All of this clipart has been made by myself and is free for your use in websites, emails, desktops, etc.  The only things I ask are that you save it to your own server or hard drive and that you don't sell it.

To save this clipart, right click on the image and chose SAVE AS from the options.  Find a place on your hard drive and save it there.  Now you can INSERT the images from the file you saved.  You can insert images into your own webpages, into your emails or into PowerPoint, Word or other similar software (when doing reports or presentations)

If you use a Microsoft product, inserting images is done by clicking INSERT, PICTURE, FROM FILE.  Then browse your hard drive to find the file and select OK.

Shark Clipart - White
Shark Clipart - Transparent
Shark Tile Backgrounds

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