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Enjoy our short photo / video montage about sharks. Source information for the photos in this montage can be found in our slide show.

More shark photos by species.

SHARK CLIPART (cartoon-ish)

free shark clipart       free shark clipart      





The shark photos on this site that do not have photo credits either came from clipart CD's which allow use of their images for educational websites, from viewers, from WikiCommons or from the U.S.  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Department of Commerce.  Please be aware that I don't have the rights to give you use of these images (with the exception of school children preparing reports).

Other photos that do have the photographer and license information listed may be available for use but please pay attention to the license information.

All of the clipart was drawn by myself.  You are free to use any of these images for book reports or just for fun!

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