Farm Theme Unit Word List

Word List template  color  or   B&W


Ideas for using the word list:

  • use as vocabulary words for spelling practice.
  • have the children work in groups to research and discuss the meaning of the words on the word list, then create individual journals (mini dictionaries) with definitions and an example sentence for each word.

    Mini dictionary template
  • have the children chose one of the words and draw a picture inspired by that word

    Draw a Picture inspired by the word   (color template)   (B&W template)
  • have the children write a poem or short story using words from the word list
  • have the children categorize the words by the parts of speech.  You can also add additional words that aren't part of the word list but relate to the word list words (for example, you can add "brown" to the adjectives as in 'brown cow').  The parts of speech are: 
  • After reading a story, you can also have the children make their own list of words they would like to learn more about.  Having children come up with one “What in the World? Word” each time they read a story is a great way to build vocabulary.

    "What in the World" words template
  • Use the complimentary sentence sequencing cards to practice creating sentences using the word wall words and common sight words.
  • Hang the word list words on the wall so all of the children are able to see them (make your own or use the word wall word templates)

Note:  the farm themed A thru Z list has more words if you'd like to expand the list even further

Word list template:

Word List template  color   or   B&W