Birds of Alberta

Year Round Residents:

Order Anseriformes

Waterfowl (Family Anatidae)

Order Falconiformes

Hawks and Eagles (Family Accipitridae)

Falcons (Family Falconidae):

Order Galliformes

Grouse (Family Phasianidae):

Order Columbiformes

Doves (Family Columbidae)

Order Strigiformes

Owls (Family Strigidae)

Order Piciformes

Woodpeckers (Family Picidae)

Order Passeriformes

(The most numerous of all the orders of birds)

Crows and Jays (Family Corvidae)

Chickadees (Family Paridae)

Nuthatches (Family Sittidae)

Creepers (Family Certhiidae)

Dippers (Family Cinclidae)

Waxwings (Family Bombycillidae)

Finches (Family Fringillidae)

Old World Sparrows (Family Passeridae)